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Who We Are

Union for Poverty Alleviation and Management Organization (UPAMO) Is a local NGO registered and working in Kenya.
UPAMO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to Ecological Agriculture, use of clean energy and protection of the environment through research and implementation of specific activities in Kisii County, Kenya. A group of development workers and local people came together with the idea of looking for solutions to the challenges of poverty and climate change afflicting the local community. As a result, UPAMO was formed in November 2013, to work with the grassroots-level community.
UPAMO was established to solve environmental and social problems such as the adverse impacts of climate change, unsustainable use of natural resources, drinking water crisis, biodiversity destruction, increasing uses of dirty energy, gender inequity and human rights violation.
UPAMO has been working on Environment; Climate Change Adaptation; Clean/Solar Energy; Livelihood; Gender Development; Health & Sanitation and Women and Child Rights since 2015.
Our Field Offices are at Nyabisabo Market, Kisii County, Kenya.


To promote ecological balance and create harmony between humans and nature


To build the capacity of the most vulnerable communities in the region to ensure sustainable use of natural resources, provide eco-friendly means of living, reduce the adverse effects of climate change and improve their socio-economic condition while maintaining the ecological balance

Core Values

To build the capacity of the most vulnerable communities in the

  • Quality Work
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Transparency and Honesty
  • Partnerships and collaboration



Picture Showing a eco-tree nursery bed


Picture showing a wetland


Arrow root production to fight climate change


Picture showing kitchen garden for vegetable farming


Picture showing kitchen garden for vegetable farming


Picture showing banana farming


Picture showing pawpaw farming


Picture showing promotion of local bean seeds


Picture showing eco-tree nursery bed


Picture showing local vegetable production activities


Picture showing forest farming


Picture showing forest farming on community forest


Picture showing clean cooking stoke


Picture showing clean cooking stoke


Picture showing protected water spring


Picture showing fruit tree farming


Picture showing poultry farming


Picture showing shallow well with pumping


Picture showing promotion of children education


Picture showing a person making briquettes as a source of energy


Picture showing shallow well with a rope to washer pump


Picture showing goat multiplication project


Picture showing goat housing to promote decent goat housing

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Hours Of Support

Hard Workers

What We Do

Smart Farming and Generative Agriculture

The organization implements it through encouraging good agricultural practices,effective land utilization and exposing farmers to current agricultural best practices around the world

Education Support

The organization supports education through provision of basic social amenities around the school,building and renovating of infrastructure

Water and Sanitation

The organization participates in drilling of wells/springs,maintaining of water reservoirs and other critical water points in the communities

Climate Change

The organization encourages use of energy saving jikos,use of environmentally safe energy alternatives for preservation of environments

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The organization is committed in protection,clothing and provision of basic amenities for orphans and vulnerable children in the community

Our Team

Meet Our Management Team That Steers our Organization

Davin Ondari Momanyi


Jerriah Ondiba

Finance Officer

Evans Omenge

Executive Director

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Nyabisabo,Kisii County

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